Our first junior production wrapped in December 2016. Willy Wonka Jr. played several shows to sold out crowds. Not only did our audiences love the performances, but our kids had such a great time working together to put on this outstanding show. Here’s a glimpse of what some people were saying after the show!



I don’t even have words to express how amazingly wonderful that show was tonight – I am still smiling and am completely and totally blown away. Every last bit of it was amazing. What an unbelievably talented group of kids they are – every last one of them! You all worked so hard and tonight totally showed why these kids loved doing this. Thank you all SOOOO very much for all you have done. I couldn’t be prouder of [my daughter] – she was so good up there tonight. I knew she would be good, but I had no idea she would be that good!!!! I LOVED it! Thank you thank you thank you!


A huge giant hug and thank you everything Facetime did with the performance. It was incredible and I know y’all poured your heart, souls and hours into making it happen. I just wanted to let you know what a difference this experience made to [my daughter]. She’s an old soul, mature girl who tends to be really shy and loves her books and music. She sings and dances in her room all day, but really shies away from the spotlight. But the joy, love, teamwork this awakened in her is so profound. She really caught the bug and counted down the hours and days till rehearsal…I’ve literally never seen her this excited about anything. Even though she had a small role, you guys made her feel so proud of what was accomplished and she feels like she added to that. So I just wanted to tell you that what you and all the rest do really matters!



Here are some examples of what people are saying about Facetime:


After three years of begging my parents, they finally signed me up and I’ve never been so happy. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted, a place where I can pursue my passions and be exactly who I am, without the critics.


Our [daughter] has participated in weekly classes and the year-end show for the past two years — and she has LOVED it! She has grown so much from the experience — not only blossoming as a performer, but also in terms of self-confidence, communication skills, and more! The teachers are amazingly talented & know how to bring out the best in all of the kids. I highly, highly recommend Facetime and want to share this awesome opportunity with everyone!


[Our daughter] is definitely returning next year. Thank you so much! She is singing her songs all the time, so much that her two-year-old sister now knows them! Have a great summer and thank you for all your help and guidance throughout last year.


I want to thank you for offering these confidence-boosting classes to the children of our community. We could not be more happy with the program. [My daughter] has always been quiet and reserved and this musical theatre class has really encouraged her to speak up and speak clearly – to have a voice and be heard! And with [my other daughter], well, these classes give her a stage to be herself and broaden her passion for singing as well as acting. For all of these opportunities, I thank you.


I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the way you teach and interact with the kids! [My daughter] LOVES your classes and during story time explains to me who the main character is and asks me about the plot. She’s 5! I know she gets that from your class and I am grateful you’ve chosen to take the time to run this program.


All I can say is, “Wow!” What you have accomplished with these students is wonderful.


First of all, let me tell you, thank you. [My daughter] has learned and grown from your class – not to mention every Tuesday morning she would ask me about going because she was so excited. I am glad we crossed paths and that we met. You are a very endearing person.


[My son] just finished his second year with your studio. We were so impressed to see the growth in just one year with his performances. You have left your mark on [our son], and we just think that is a wonderful thing!


The showcase was great. Everyone loved it. My family just thought it was adorable and that you’re great for putting this all together. It’s very unique – not like your regular recital and I think that is another reason people like it so much.


Congratulations on a fabulous show. It was absolutely wonderful. All of your hard work and the kids’ hard work really showed. Please reserve a place for [my child] in the Kids on Broadway class. She would like to come back next year. She really enjoyed it and I thought it was very good for her.


I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with this weekend’s show. The kids all did such a wonderful job and are truly blessed to have you as a teacher.


Thanks again for another great year of musical drama! [My daughter] loves your class and adores you! You have a bubbly personality that is contagious and it shows in your productions. We look forward to being a part of the Studio again next year!


[Our daughter] had a wonderful first year in the program and we were thrilled with her growth and maturity as it pertains to interacting with other children and adults. We would love to see you push her to her highest potential. We are however, not “stage parents” and so we will look towards your guidance in letting us know what you feel she is capable of doing and how far she is capable of going.


[Our daughter] is a very sensitive child and we were taken aback a bit in the past year or so by how cruel children can be at such a young age. Sending her to your school really helped to build her confidence and that is of the utmost importance to us. We want her to have her niche and feel a sense of accomplishment. You have helped her on the start of that journey.

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