Facetime Theatre offers several types of classes and music lessons for adults and children at a number of locations.

Phoenixville Studio

Classes and lessons at Facetime’s studio in Phoenixville include:


  • Stories and Songs
  • Scripts and Stagecraft
  • Musical Theatre


  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Audition Preparation

PASD After School Programs

Click here to learn more about Facetime’s After School Programs in the Phoenixville Area School District.

Holy Child School at Rosemont After School Program

Click here to learn more about Facetime’s After School Program at the Holy Child School at Rosemont.




Why is performing arts education important?

Facetime Theatre is a strong supporter of the need for and the value of performing arts education. Every child, regardless of experience, personality or skill level can benefit from experience and education in the performing arts.

Performing Arts Experience & Education Leads to Higher Academic Achievement

“Young people who participate in the arts are:

      • 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement;
      • 3x more likely to be elected to a class office within their school;
      • 4x more likely to win an award for writing an essay or poem…”

Source: Americans for the Arts

“Numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between drama involvement and academic achievement. In addition to having higher standardized test scores than their peers who do not experience the arts, student who participate in drama often experience improved reading comprehension, maintain better attendance records, and stay generally more engaged in school than their non-arts counterparts.”

“From learning to read to the in-depth study of Shakespearean literature, drama can play a significant role in the continual development of students’ reading comprehension skills.”

Source: American Alliance for Theatre & Education

Performing Arts Experience & Education Builds Communication Skills, Improves Self-Esteem & Increases Confidence in Academic Ability

“In addition to building social and communication skills overall, involvement in drama courses and performance has been shown to improve students’ self-esteem as well as their confidence in their academic abilities.”

Source: American Alliance for Theatre & Education

Performing Arts Experience & Education Helps to Bridge the Achievement Gap

“Arts education makes a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of every child and has been proven to help level the ‘learning field’ across socio-economic boundaries.”

Source: Caterrall, Chapleau, & Iwanaga,
Involvement in the Arts and Human Development

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